Growth strategy for a global chemical company

Identifying and assessing new-growth opportunities in the flat-panel industry.


The challenge was to provide a thorough overview of developments in the flat-panel industry and related opportunities for a chemical company.

Deciding upon the basis for opportunities and the attractiveness of these required extensive cooperation with numerous global business units of the client.


  • The flat-panel industry was systematically analyzed and mapped in terms of main products, leading technologies, components and required chemicals and capabilities
  • In this large field of play, a heat map of opportunities was created by assessing unmet needs and required technological developments
  • Market size, growth, competitive environment, and fit with the company’s strategy and capabilities determined the attractiveness of the numerous identified opportunities
  • The most attractive opportunities were further analyzed and developed into business cases


  • We developed a complete and in-depth overview of the flat-panel industry and related opportunities for the client.
  • Significant opportunities for value creation in the flat-panel industry were identified, and concrete recommendations for implementation were provided.